About Us : Our Professional Team

We assembled an experienced team of professionals to guide us through the planning and building process.

John Ryan of Development Cycles, a long-time resident of Pioneer Valley Cohousing in nearby Amherst and the Project Manager for both Pioneer Valley and Pathways Cohousing served as our project manager.

Our site planner/engineer is Peter Wells of Berkshire Design in Northampton. Peter worked intensively on the Pathways project and is familiar with cohousing values and Northampton regulations. http://www.berkshiredesign.com

Our builder/developer is Doug Kohl, a well-respected local builder who typically builds higher-end homes but has a personal interest in supporting cohousing and community living.

Our architect is Bruce Coldham, a local architect with 20 years of experience in cohousing. He was the architect for Pine St. Cohousing in Amherst, where he lives, and has traveled the world studying cohousing communities. http://www.coldhamandhartman.com